Printer Driver Error Message

If printing from dslrBooth you may receive an error message in red at the stop stating:


If this error appears take the following steps:

1. Uninstall the printer and reinstall. When reinstalling, make sure the most up to date drivers are installed from your printer's website.


2. In dslrBooth, go to Settings -> Printing -> Printer Properties. Make sure the correct printer is selected and it is showing as online. 

Click on Preferences -> Options. Set the Color Adjustment to either Handled by Driver or ICM & Driver. Click Ok then Print to apply the changes.


3. Test the printer with other softwares to check if images print from there. If not, there may be a more complicated issue with the printer caused by drivers or a Windows update. 

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    I have a DNP 620, newest firmware, newest driver ... works in all other windows programms perfect ... but i  still get the error shown ... 
    any idea ?

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