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Generate: Choose Print + GIF, Print, GIF and/or Boomerang to be displayed on the start screen. Guests can choose from these options.

Pin Code: Set your pin code to lock the start screen of the app

Disclaimer: Requires guests to accept or cancel their session. Option to change the text for Accept and Cancel are below the disclaimer box.


Start Screen

Event Name: Type in the name of your event. This is also generated from the text you

place on the start screen itself.

Subtitle: Set the subtitle of the event. This is also generated from the text you place on

the start screen itself.

Hide Text: Enable this to hide all text on the start screen

Browse Button: Enable this to be able to access previous sessions from the event.

Theme: Choose a premade theme for your photo booth.

Background Color: Choose a color for the background instead of a theme.

Background: Choose between color or image for your background.

Background Image: Choose an image from your iPad gallery to use as your start screen


Camera Icon Color: Change the color of the camera icon so that it is easily seen with

your background.


Capture Screen

Before Photo 1: Set the countdown time for photo 1.

Before Other Photos: Set the countdown time for the other photos in the template.

Display Each Photo: Set the amount of seconds each photo is show after it is taken


Sharing Screen

Timeout: Set the amount of time for the share screen to display.

Message: Type in the message to be sent with SMS, Facebook and Twitter shares

Email: Enable email to appear as an option on the share screen.

Reply-to: Set your reply to email address

Subject: Set the subject of your email

HTML Body: Create your personalized email using the Image, Attached Image Url,

Fotoshare Url and Sharing Icons. Add your own html code to personalize further.

Send Test Email: Type in an email to send a test email to see what your email looks like

SMS: Enable SMS to be able to send texts from the share screen. Type in the correct

country code

Facebook: Enable Facebook to be able to share from the share screen.

Twitter: Enable Facebook to be able to share from the share screen.

QR Code: Enable QR Code to have the qr code appear on the share screen for


AirDrop: Enable airdrop to be able to send photos/gifs to other Apple devices.

You can export a list of all e-mails, sms, and other sharing activity by logging in to the companion site:



Delay Between Frames: Set the speed of the boomerang.

Recording Text: Change the text that appears when the boomerang is recording.



Delay Between Frames: Set the speed of the GIF.

Reverse: Enable reverse function to allow the gif to play forward and back.

Overlays: Select Photos to upload for the gif overlay.



Enable Ask guests to answer survey questions before viewing their final print

Add Question: Add a Short Answer, Long Answer or Multiple Choice question.

Required: Enable this to require guests to answer before proceeding to final print

View Responses: View guest responses.

Clear Responses: Clear all responses from guests.

Video Tutorial



Print Automatically: Enable to allow each print to automatically print once finished.

Display Print Button: Enable this to show print button on share screen for manual printing

There are 3 options for printing:

  • AirPrint: Choose this option to print to airprinters. Click Configure Printer to choose your printer.
  • Classic Printer Shared with LumaBooth Assistant: Choose this option if using a printer that is plugged into a computer running LumaBooth Assistant. When using this option, make sure LumaBooth assistant is running on the computer.
  • DNP WPS Pro: Use this option when use DNP printers and the WPS Pro. More Info.


Sharing Status

Sharing stats for Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Print and Airdrop.

Total: The amount of shares sent for all events.

Today: Amount of shares from current event/day.

Pending: Shares that are in pending and have not yet been sent.

Click the X button to reset shares. This will cancel any shares in Pending.

Click the information icon for information on the shares and errors for shares.



Email & Password: Type in your email and password to log in.

Create an Account: Create your account if you have not yet signed up for the app.

Once Logged in:

Buy Subscription: Click this to purchase the LumaBooth Subscription

Restore Purchases: Restore your current subscription

Logout: Log out of your account

Manage Online Account: Manage your online account


Camera Setup



Shutter Speed and ISO

Auto: Camera automatically adjusts exposure settings.

Manual: Manually adjust exposure settings based on lighting.


White Balance

Temperature and Tint

Auto: Camera automatically adjusts white balance

Manual: Manually adjust white balance settings based on light temperature color


Camera Switch

Click the camera switch button to switch from back camera to front camera.


Print Layout


New Layout

Click New Layout to choose from one of the 12 premade layouts



Choose from your recent layouts.



Import created layouts that you created in LumaBooth or dslrBooth. Video Tutorial.



Export your current layout.

Information on how to use Import and Export, click here. 


Print Layout Editor

Camera icon: Add photo place holders. 1 to 4 per print layout.

Image icon: Add jpg and png files from your iPad gallery to the print layout. More Info.

Text icon: Add text to your print layout. To customize text click on a text element. Type in your text and choose font and font color at the bottom of the print layout screen.

Survey icon: Add the survey question answer to the print layout.

Adjusting Width, Height and Angle: Click on an element in the print layout. Then edit the

width, height and angle using the functions at the bottom of the layout screen. Video Tutorial.

Photo 1: Choose the photo place holder you want to adjust

Rotate: Rotate the current element selected.

Duplicate: Duplicate the current element selected.

Clear: Delete the current element selected.

Video Tutorial on how to create a template:


Green Screen 

Green Screen Effect

Turn on to enable green screen feature.


Customize your settings

Color to Remove: Click this to choose the color of the background you’d like to remove.

Then click in the live view to choose the color.

Sensitivity and Smoothness: Use the sliders to adjust the removal the amount of green

background from the image.

Revert to Default Settings: Click this to revert your settings back to the default.

Load Your Background Images: Click the Add Background image

Cycle through automatically: Backgrounds will automatically be applied to the prints.

User’s Choice: User gets to choose the background they would like.


Start Screen 

Lock Button

Click the lock button in the upper right of the start screen to lock the app.

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