Customizing Emails to Guests

Learn how to customize your e-mails for your brand and photo booth event with dslrBooth.

DSLRBooth Emails

In this tutorial we will learn how to customize the emails that your guests receive when they share their photos.

Getting Started

To get started we want to click settings, Sharing, then scroll down to E-mail. Let’s make sure E-mail Sharing is Enabled. Next we'll input a From email. You may want to put an email that increases your brand awareness such as a custom domain name like although a regular email will work just fine. For the subject box you can leave the default text or customize it to fit your event. I’ll enter: Pictures from Ben’s Birthday Bash!

E-mail Body

The body of your email is where you’ll put the photo and some text to go along with it. By default we have the Image place holder already in the body but if you want to add another just click the image button. If you want to include sharing icons or the fotoShare url you can do that as well by clicking on the buttons. Its also a good idea to include a link to your website so you can get more exposure to your company.

In the body we can also use custom HTML tags to fully customize our e-mail. First I will add my company logo at the top of the email. Ill use the <img> tag. If you don’t know html then you can copy what I have on the screen and replace the custom parts with your own. Next ill add the <BR> tag so the photo appears on the next line. And finally ill add a few more line breaks <BR>.


You can click the Send Test Email button and take a look at how your email will look. Here's how mine looks.

Now you know how to customize your emails in DSLR Booth to reflect your brand and your event.

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    Ruth Dempsey

    The {share_icons} are not working in the email sent to guests.  Is this feature still available?

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    The {share_icons} require that you have dslrBooth set to upload photos to and that the photo was uploaded before the e-mail was sent out.

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    Naqiuddin Ahmad

    Can we change the animated gif to video format(mp4 or mov) to be emailed?

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    The app always sends the animation as an mp4 attachment.

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