Internet Access for Sharing

You can share your video right away by e-mail. If you don't have an internet connection, the e-mail will be queued till you get online. Just make sure you don't move or delete the videos.

If you want your emails to be delivered immediately, you'll need to have two network interfaces. One connected to your camera over wifi and the other connected to the internet.


If venue has wired internet: Most tablets/laptops have a Ethernet port that accepts a cat-5 jack. Connect that to a router that has an internet connection.

If venue only has wireless internet, you have several options:

  1. Buy a second Wifi card and have that connect to the internet while your primary connects to your camera.
  2. Buy a TP-Link Portable Wireless Router. Connect a cable from your Ethernet port to that router. See section below for how to configure the TP-Link router. Configure your wifi adapter to connect to the internet wireless connection.
  3. Tether to your phone


On Macs, it's a bit more difficult as most don't have a Ethernet port and don't readily accept wifi cards. The only way we could make this work is to use a USB 2.0 to Ethernet Adapter and hook that up to TP-Link Portable Wireless Router. Configure the Wireless Router to act as a wireless client. See section below for how to configure the TP-Link router. Leave your primary wifi network adapter to connect to the internet. Make sure to set the priority of your primary wifi network adapter higher than the USB Ethernet Adapter so OS X knows that to get to the internet, it should use the your primary wifi card.

TP-Link Portable Wireless Configuration for GoPro

  1. Connect your TP-Link Router to your computer using a cat5 cable
  2. Connect to your TP-Link Router's wifi.
  3. Go to
  4. Download our config
  5. System Tools, Back & Restore, Choose File you just downloaded and press Restore. This will setup your router to be in client mode and automatically connect wirelessly to your GoPro Hero 4 Black.
  6. Wait for restore to complete.
  7. Turn on GoPro camera and ensure its wifi is active.
  8. Connect to TP-Link router using a cat5 cable
  9. Go to: then Basic Settings, Wireless, Press Survey, choose your GoPro and enter its wireless password.
  10. Going forward, your Portable Wireless router will always connect to your GoPro.
  11. Use your computer's wifi to connect to your internet connection.
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