Completely Uninstall dslrBooth for Mac

Warning: This will delete all your settings, pending shares and statistics.

To completely uninstall dslrBooth for Mac:

Go to Pictures\dslrBooth and copy all templates to a new folder on your desktop.

  1. Find all versions of dslrBooth that you have and delete them then empty your Trash.
  2. Go to:
    Finder, Menu, Go, Go to folder:
    ~/Library/Application Support/dslrBooth
    Delete all files here.
  3. Go to Spotlight, search for: Terminal and open it.
    Enter in:
    defaults delete com.dslrbooth.dslrbooth
    Press ENTER

Then download and install the latest version from

Start dslrBooth and re-enter your registration information.

Click Images -> Templates. Paste the previously copied templates here. 

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