hashPrinter can be configured to print in two different ways:

  • Automatic - hashPrinter will print every image it finds that has your selected hashtag. You can toggle this setting under Printer Settings (make sure you're not in Full Screen mode - F11).
  • Manual - hashPrinter will only print images that are selected by your guests.

Before hashPrinter can make any prints, it needs to know which printer you would like to use. To select a printer, press on Printer Settings, select your printer and press PRINT to save your settings.

Currently, the generated prints are sized for printing on 4"x6" paper. If the prints come out with the wrong orientation, change either or both your paper size and paper orientation under Printer Settings.

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    Carissa Lada

    Where do I go to set the hashtag that the printer should print??

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    Why is the resolution of the original photo files only 640x640px? Instagram has long supported the resolution 1080x180x. This affects the quality of printed photos .. possible to fix it? I really like your product and i want to use it. But unfortunately, due to the resolution of the original file is forced to seek analogues ...

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    Stevanus Bangun

    Is it possible to print in any other size of paper. Example : ID card printer

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    Where can I find information about buying subscription? Is it officially 25$ per 3 months?
    Also I have a problem with putting the profile picture on the photo. There are layers in the programme, and the profile picture is behind all the layers (all other layers cover it). I cant move any of them. How can I solve this?

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    Any windows printer will work.

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