Connecting to cameras other than Canon + Nikon

DSLRBooth has built in support to connect directly to the majority of Canon, Nikon DSLR, and Sony (Windows only) cameras built over the last few years. In the event  your camera is not supported and, there’s hope yet using these steps.

  1. Open up dslrbooth, go to Settings, Shooting, uncheck Auto Trigger Camera
  2. Note the following hot folder directory where the JPG photos need to be sent so they get processed:
    Windows: Settings, General, Directories, Data Directory.
    Mac: Settings, General, Hot Folder. By default the hot folder is: User\Pictures\dslrBooth\hot_folder
  3. Connect your camera using a USB cable.
  4. Open up the software that came with your camera and set up your camera to tether to your laptop and download pictures to the the folder noted in #1 above. Alternatively, you can try and see if your camera manufacturer has tethering software for your camera. If so, you can use that software instead to connect to your camera and download the pictures.
    * Canon Cameras: If you shoot using a Canon camera that does not have built-in support, you’re in luck as Canon provides the EOS Utility as free software for hooking up your camera to your laptop. Follow these directions to setup your camera with the laptop. You can find the EOS Utility software on the CD that came with the camera. All you need to do is setup the Destination Folder to be the same folder in dslrBooth as in step 1 above.
    * Pentax Cameras: Pentax users can use the third party free software PK_Tether or Pentax Remote Assistant. All you need to do is setup the Destination Folder to be the same folder in step 1.
    * Sony Cameras: Sony users who have cameras compatible with Remote Camera Control can use this software to download their pictures. Our windows software already has support for many Sony cameras over wifi-fi
    * Eye-fi Card: Setup your eye-fi card to download to your computer to dslrBooth’s Data Folder.
  5. dslrbooth will now read the images as they get added in that directory and process those pictures.


  • When using 3rd party software, dslrBooth will not be able to communicate directly to your camera and the following functionality will not work: Live View, Triggering camera after count down, Triggering camera by pressing the camera button the screen. You will be able to trigger the camera using the shutter button or using a camera remote.
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    why don't you support Pentax DSLRs like K5 or K3?
    Why are there such limitations like not supported:
    * Live View
    * Triggering camera after count down
    * Triggering camera by pressing the camera button the screen

    The 3rd party software pk tether can trigger the shutter...
    Why you can not do this?

    Kind regards

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    Roldan dela Cruz

    where can i see the software?

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    Haw can i shoot on 1x1 aspect ratio? Set in 5d markii, but dslrbooth continues shoot in 3x2 aspect ratio...

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    Do I get the list of cameras which supports

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