Uploaded Photos (Enhanced Sharing), how to view, organize, and delete them

If you chose to enable Enhanced Sharing, your final prints and GIFs are securely uploaded to our servers so they can be used in features that are dependent on having the photos online such as SMS, QR Code, and sharing buttons from within e-mails. This also allows our fotoShare app to download these images over the internet. You also get to use our fotoshare Cloud hosting site at with the option to have event pages, your personal website, and detailed analytics.

Separate Photos from Different Events
Set a different event (album) name for every event so that photos are grouped together and so guests from one event don't see photos from another event, go to Settings > Sharing > and change the Album Name before you start each event.

You can also move photos from one album to another or to a new album. Go to your fotoShare account, Click on your Event, Select photos you'd like to move, then select new or existing album from the dropdown in the top left.

Album URL
To get the url of the album to share with guests, login to your fotoshare Cloud account, Events, click on your event, then click on Link in the top right menu you'll get a link to the event.

Privacy Settings

If you would like to make the album for your event available only to guests that attended the event, you can add a password to the album. Only guests with the password will be able to see the photos. To set the password for an event, go to your fotoShare account, Click on your Event, Password, enter password then save. 

If you are worried about privacy and do not want guests to see other photos from the same event, you can set the album to private. Private events will not show up on your homepage (if you have one). Also, when you share any photos, only the shared photo will display and they will not see any other photos from the same event. To set the privacy option for one event, go to your fotoShare account, Click on your Event, Privacy, change to private then save. 

To set the default privacy option for future events, go to your fotoShare account, Click on Settings, Upload Defaults, change to Private, then press SAVE. All your future event albums will be private going forward.

Delete Online Photos
If you have photos you would like to delete, you can do so here

Users with paid fotoshare Cloud plans get unlimited event and image hosting. If you use any of our products, you get a basic plan for free which includes limited image hosting for 3 months and basic event gallery management tools.

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    Sebastian Böhm


    could you please tell me what's included in the basic free plan regarding the amount of events and pictures? Are those unlimited?

    What happens after the 3 month to the photos that have been shared?


    Edit: Also, what does the {attached_image_url} do?

    Edited by Sebastian Böhm
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    Sebastian, Please see:

    {attached_image_url} can be used if you want to write your own HTML <IMG SRC={attached_image_url}> tag.

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    Sebastian Böhm


    I read your plans-info before posting, of course.

    But "If you use any of our products, you get a basic plan for free which includes limited image hosting and basic event gallery management tools." does not really state, what limited means.

    Thus my questions above :-).

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    There's no limit on number of albums or photos however photos can be deleted after 3 months for the free plan.

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    Cameron Yee

    If I don't have WIFI at the event location, will the images upload to FotoShare automatically when WIFI is available? Or will I have to manually upload them?

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