Troubleshooting downloading issues

If fotoShare is not downloading the latest images, try the following:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of fotoShare from the App Store.
  • Before you start fotoShare on the iPad, make sure that dslrBooth is running and connected to the same wifi connection as fotoShare.
  • Make sure only one instance of dslrBooth is running on the network. You cannot have two booths connected to the same network.
  • Make sure dslrBooth's Enhanced Sharing is checked under Settings, Sharing.
  • Go to dslrBooth and change in the Album Name to create a new album for fotoShare to download from. fotoShare will only download photos from your latest album and photos within 24 hours.
  • Go to iOS Settings, fotoShare, and make sure you have your correct dslrBooth registration e-mail and the first 5 characters of your serial # entered there.
  • Make sure your iPad and dslrBooth are connected to the same network. If you're using a hotspot, make sure it is configured to allow network access across your devices.
  • Some 3rd party firewall software might be blocking dslrBooth from sending the photos to fotoShare so disable your firewall software such as McAfee if you're having issues.
  • Some routers have a Wireless isolation, AP Isolation, Station Isolation, or Client Isolation feature that allows you to lock down your Wi-Fi network. This feature will block fotoShare from downloading photos photos from dslrBooth and needs to be disabled.
  • If your access point has two networks (2.4G vs 5G), make sure both your computer and iPad are connected to the same network.


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