Virtual Attendant

dslrBooth allows you to create an interactive photobooth using its virtual attendant. The virtual attendant is available in version 5.11.0209 or higher (Windows) and version 3.5 or higher (MAC).

Using the Virtual Attendant:

To access the virtual attendant click on Settings -> Virtual Attendant and check the box at the top.

Click the Style drop down and choose which audio you would like to use, Video - Mirror Booth or Custom.

The audio options will give audio cues to guests in the photo booth. Video - Mirror Booth includes horizontal animations that create an interactive experience for the user. 

The Custom function allows you to upload your own animations or ones that you have purchased from our site or other sites. Change the style to Custom then click on the Browse button. Choose the folder that has the animations. They will then upload on the left side of the virtual attendant screen. 

Drag and drop the animations to the different locations (start screen, before capture, after capture, etc). Then click Save.

If you are creating your own animations, they need to be in mp4 h264 format in main profile and in the same resolution as your display resolution.

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    czy planujesz wprowadzić animacje po polsku? Czy możesz udostępnić plik animacji do edycji?
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    Do you plan to introduce animations in Polish? Can you share an animation file for editing?
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    Jonathan Lankford

    Some of the built in animations for virtual attendant are off the sides of the screen. Is there a setting to fit to screen, instead of running of the screen. I can't even read the words that are displaying.

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