Sony Camera Support

As of version 5.2.29 dslrBooth for Windows supports Sony cameras over wifi.

Supported Cameras:

  • a7S II, a7R II
  • a6300
  • RX1R II, RX10 II
  • RX100 IV, RX100 III
  • HX90V, HX90
  • WX500
  • HDR-AS20, HDR-AS302, HDR-AS1002 HDR-AZ1 HDR-AS200
  • FDR-X1000
  • HDR-AS50
  • QX1, DSC-QX30 DSC-QX102, DSC-QX1002
  • a7, a7 II, a7R, a7S
  • a77 mk2
  • a5000, a5100
  • a6000, a6300
  • NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6
  • HX60, HX80, HX400

To use a Sony Camera:

If your camera can run applications, go to PlayMemories, install the latest updated version of Smart Remote Control.

1. Run the Smart Remote Control app on your camera. Click on Connect with Password if available.

2. On your computer, connect to your camera's Wifi network using the SSID and Password you see on the screen.

3. dslrBooth will auto-connect to your camera.


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    This is great!!! Going to try it out right away!

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    It also works with Sony RX10
    1 Go to the bookmark wifi
    2 Select "Ctrl w / Smartphone"
    3 On the computer searches for the network and enter the wifi password
    4 Turn on the progam DSLRBoot
    It works :)

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    Johnny Pham

    How reliable is the wifi. Have anyone have any experience with the wifi dropping?

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    Can you use the a Sony camera (a6000) tethered?  I'm concerned that if I have to log m laptop into the camera's wifi then it will cause issues with my wifi printers and photo share.   My plan is to use the a6000 with a Surface Pro, and a wifi printer set away from the camera, but I also want to run photo share

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    The program operates with cameras sony just wifi. Connect the printer cable.

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    With Sony RX10 works, but sometimes the picture stutters. On the monitor, the image does not move. The camera is adorned with a good picture and prints. Jam is 70 images Then the camera takes away well.
    It is best to use a manual lens or disable AF to the camera from focusing. As it is dark, the camera focuses 0.5-2 sec.
    How will I have time to check with the A77 II.

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    Daniel Florea

    Hello, can I use a SONY A6000 with a PC (without wifi) ?

    Does the cable connection work? I tried to connect this model to a pc, then to a laptop using a cable, the camera works with Sony "Remote Camera Control" but the dslrBooth is not recognizing the camera.

    Any help?

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    Daniel, Sony cameras only support capture over wifi with dslrBooth.

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