Email Sharing

dslrBooth allows your guests to e-mail their photos to themselves as well as other friends. This instructional video outlines how this feature can be configured.


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    Can I collect the email address from the clients?

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    Of course, if you enter the "Settings" option then in the "General" tab you will find the counter of all the actions you will also find a button called "view shares" press it and you will open the windows explorer and you will see a "csv" named "dslrBooth_Shares.csv" there is all the information.


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    Meryl Swiatek

    Hi, is there a demo for how to set up email sharing on a Mac using the most recent software update? Under Sharing, I only see the place to put in the replyto email and the message, nowhere to configure the provider settings.

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    Samar Qureshi



    I'm having trouble sending emails using DSLR Booth. I am able to send test emails to myself, however when I use the software to send photos after a session it says "email queued" but never triggers the email to send. I did a whole event with no pictures being delivered. When I check the setting it says there are 0 queued and 0 sent today.

    Is this an issue with the update? Please advise!

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