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dslrBooth Professional Edition lets you share your images on a Facebook Pages. This allows businesses to post images in real-time to their Facebook Page. This feature does not require an internet connection in realtime. Images will get queued and get posted online once you have internet access provided dslrBooth is running.

To enable this feature, Please select enable under Settings, Sharing, Facebook page

  • Login to your Facebook Account, give dslrBooth permission to post to your Facebook pages.
  • Select the Page to post your photos to.
  • Enter an Album Name to store all the photos under.

Lets see how this works in the video below.

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    I want to have the program upload the pics automaticly to a group FB page like a class of 1986. Can this be done?

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    Yes, you can upload to a facebook page. Follow the steps in the video and name Album: Class of 1986.

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